Renewable Energy

Wind Energy Solutions

Our extensive experience in power generation and transmission enables us to address the needs of our wind energy clients. We provide the best support & services for clients to make the best decisions regarding the investment in wind energy sector. Our team of engineers can help in selection of potential sites, electric transmission placement, etc. in providing custom-built solutions in the area of harnessing wind Energy for Power Generation:

Drawing upon our deep understanding of the wind energy sector, we offer the following specialized services in the Wind Power Sector.


  • Selection of Potential sites for setting up Wind Farms
  • Wind Data Assessment and WAASP analysis
  • Micrositing
  • Preparation of Detailed Project Reports
  • Contour survey and maps for normal and complex Terrains.
  • Digitizing village and top maps and superimposing on contour maps.
  • Construction of hill road for approach road and intra farm roads, Turbine Foundation and preparation of estimates and CAD drawings.
  • Turnkey Power evacuation facilities such as execution of all Internal and External Electrical lines, bay extension and including consultation  for commissioning of project.

Solar Energy

Fortunately, India lies in sunny regions of the World and has abundant Solar resources and can easily utilize the Solar Energy or Solar Power. Today the contribution of Solar Power is a fraction of the total renewable energy installed.

Development of alternate energy has been part of India’s strategy for expanding energy supply and a result many companies have planned to invest in this industry and thus a number of devices have been developed and have become commercially viable. These include Solar Water Heaters, Solar Cookers, Solar Lanterns, Solar Street Lights, Solar Water pumps, etc. Now the focus is on the Grid Connected Power Generation from Solar Energy.

We, TOP VIEW INFRA, also help in providing core data and knowledge for clients to make the best decisions regarding their investment in this sector.